The DSA’s Codes of Practice, which are binding on its Member Companies, are consumer guides that govern the way in which goods and services are presented and sold to retail customers. They forms the basis of the DSA’s ongoing consumer protection policy.

Key Points To Remember

Check identity of sales people

All good direct selling personnel carry literature about their company’s products. This should contain the name, address and phone number of the company – so you can check the caller is bona fide.

Signing documents

DO NOT sign any order forms until you are absolutely sure of the identity of the sales person and the company.

Orders and payment for goods

DO NOT hand over cash unless you are completely satisfied about the identity and credentials of the sales person.

MAKE SURE you receive a printed receipt showing the name and address of the company who is supplying the goods.

Order cancellation rights

Unless you want the earliest possible delivery of a product made specially to your personal requirements, good companies offer a reasonable period during which you can cancel your order. ALWAYS CHECK that any order form you sign contains your cancellation rights.

Verbal assurances

BEWARE of verbal promises about special prices and terms of delivery. Check that special terms are printed in the company’s literature.


CHECK that the product you are offered is covered by a guarantee.

Look for the DSA logo

CHECK whether the order form and literature, shown to you by a direct seller, carries the DSA logo. This is indicates that the company is a DSA member.

Representing the rights of the consumer

‘The aim of all good Direct Selling businesses should be to offer their retail customers a level of confidence and satisfaction that equals that offered by the best retail stores.’

This was the objective of the DSA when it was founded in 1991, and still is today.

The DSA Code of Practice is administered by an independent code administrator whose judgments are binding on all DSA member companies and who pre-vetts applications for membership to the DSA, as well as carrying out random code compliance audits on all the DSA member companies.

The Code of Practice

  • Requires fair selling methods
  • Gives consumers order cancellation rights that exceed those demanded by the law
  • Provides consumers with a proper record of any transaction
  • Respects the rights and privacy of a consumer
  • Demands openness in disclosing the identity of a Company and a Direct Seller

Consumer protection

The direct selling industry has an obligation to help educate consumers about buying safely.

We encourage all members who sell to the public to help combat rogue traders by communicating with consumers about buying safely in the home, and promoting awareness of the Office of Fair Trading’s approval of the DSA Consumer Code of Practice. The DSA Code provides consumers with a level of protection that exceeds their legal rights.